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Chris Gaydos

Sales Representative

Territories: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Quebec & Eastern Provinces of Canada

After studying horticulture and marketing at The Pennsylvania State University, Chris Gaydos started work for Greenleaf Nursery in 1992, three months after graduation. Before taking over the New England territory, he worked as a customer service representative at Greenleaf's Oklahoma nursery and then covered the Baltimore/Washington region for Greenleaf.  

Chris was raised in a nursery family. His father, Clem Gaydos--who was a former ANLA salesman of the year--retired from Greenleaf in 1999.  His brother works as an independent nursery representative in Maryland. As a kid, in the days before cell phones and home computers, Chris used to take messages from his father's clients on their home line. In these modern times, you can contact Chris by cell phone, text message, email, fax, Facebook, or even snail-mail if you prefer.