Greenleaf Nursery Company is a recognized leader in the nursery industry offering proven stability as well as competitive salaries with outstanding benefit plans. Offering 401K plans, bonuses, health insurance and other benefits, Greenleaf works with its employees to strive for a quality of life that is second to none. By choice, Greenleaf Nursery Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a culturally diverse workforce.

Greenleaf is one of North America’s largest wholesale nursery growers, each year producing many millions of container grown plants for retailers, wholesale distribution centers and landscapers across the U.S. and Canada. Primary products include: one of the industry’s widest selections of broadleaf evergreen and deciduous shrubs; 70-plus varieties of ornamental grasses; a full compliment of shrub roses; a broad conifer selection; annual, perennial and tropical “color”; and shade and ornamental trees.


Student Summer Intern Programs

Nothing beats the opportunity to put book knowledge to the test. That’s where our student programs come in. It’s all about learning the business and the technology from the inside out. People who excel in this program may be invited to return the following year or receive an offer of full-time employment.

Hands-on experience working full time during summer break will develop you as a person and your career.
Preferred candidates have exceptional leadership and communication skills and have completed the sophomore year of an undergraduate program. Most opportunities are for students in Horticulture and Agriculture fields, but students in other disciplines are considered.

You will have the opportunity to gain knowledge through hands on work experience in the fields of Propagation, Pest Management, Fertility, Irrigation, Plant Culture, Growing, Sales and Shipping. Our program is scheduled during summer break. As an intern, you are an hourly paid employee of the nursery receiving a paycheck once a week. We will help with information needed to qualify for college credit. Our program is designed for you to learn about the nursery industry, about us, and for us to learn about you.

For Oklahoma internship program inquiries, please contact Bobby Garcia, Human Resources Director, at 918-457-2268

For Texas internship program inquiries, please contact Drew Tidmore, Propagation Manager, at 979-332-0077

For North Carolina internship program inquiries, please contact Dominic Saether, at 252-641-9362.

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