Tracey Tapscott
304 Tremont Street
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Phone: (561) 420-9802
Fax: (561) 584-6456

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Tracey Tapscott

Sales Representative

Tracey Tapscott

Sales Representative covering the following territory:

Tennessee, Mississippi. and Central & Northern Alabama


Tracey first started working for a small mom and pop nursery on the west side of Indianapolis while attending college.  She began as a waterer and progressed to landscaper, grounds maintainer, retail assistant, and mulch scooper.  After graduating from Indiana University with a BA in History, she did the logical move and began an inside sales position for a wholesale nursery in Visalia, California.  After three years as a customer service rep, she was promoted to outside sales and sold in Florida for a few years, but ultimately transferred territories to Chattanooga TN.  After 5 years, Tapscott was graced with a new opportunity and began her own landscape and design business, focusing on residential jobs.  Then another page turned in September of 2014, which led Tapscott back into the wholesale nursery sales game, this time working for Greenleaf Nursery Company, the best in the biz.  Tracey now covers Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.  She still resides in Chattanooga TN.